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Apr 5, 2022

Heather Cox is a recognized authority in supplier diversity and diversity certification. She is also the President of Certify My Company, a certification resource dedicated to the supplier diversity community. They assist large companies in developing their supplier diversity programs and boosting diversity spend. Heather is also a public speaker who specializes in business development. 

Heather joins us today to discuss the value of diversity certification and how businesses can use it to grow their network. She describes the potential wisdom business leaders can earn by being certified. She explains the message your company is sending by choosing not to apply for certification. She shares why consumers nowadays are more intuitive regarding the products and services they buy. Heather also discusses the time clients can save if they work with her company.

"Like it or not, corporations look for vetted entrepreneurs and suppliers." - Heather Cox

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • Diversity certification and the value it brings to small and large businesses
  • Why business owners need to apply for diversity certification
  • The kind of information you can benefit from if you get certified
  • The message you're sending when you choose not to get certified despite being eligible
  • How Heather helps corporations get their diversity certification
  • The average time businesses can save if they sign up with Certify My Company
  • Why Heather says certification is critical in today's market
  • The difference between being a diverse firm and an inclusive firm
  • How to use diversity certification as a tool for your business

Connect with Heather Cox:

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