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Mar 1, 2022

The future of the economy is looking to be more diverse each year, with more startups actively pursuing diversity in their cultures as a way to ensure long-term growth. While the industry has made considerable strides in recent years, we can further ramp up supplier diversity through innovation. How can various companies innovate their supplier diversity programs? What role do mergers and acquisitions play in supplier inclusion?

In this episode, we describe how the economy can rely on innovation to improve the country’s overall supplier diversity status. We explain major milestones in supplier diversity, especially regarding budget. We discuss the role supplier diversity plays in mergers and acquisitions. We share the complexities of passing on the supplier diversity mantle to future generations. We also outline why virtual events just don’t work, especially when networking.

"The model of 'go out and find great suppliers and bring them in-house' is only going to work so far." - Adam Moore

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • The impact of supplier diversity in refining supply chains
  • Setting formal diversity spending goals in response to racial events in 2020
  • The relationship between mergers and acquisitions and supplier diversity
  • Collaborating with innovation teams through supplier diversity programs
  • Why suppliers can be challenging to bring in-house
  • Why virtual trade shows aren't as great as they were hyped to be
  • The difficulties of building business relationships virtually
  • Bringing up the next generation of supplier diversity professionals

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Hire Ground is a technology company whose mission is to bridge the wealth gap through access to procurement opportunities. Hire Ground is making the enterprise ecosystem more viable, profitable, and competitive by clearing the path for minority-led, women-led, LGBT-led, and veteran-led small businesses to contribute to the global economy as suppliers to enterprise organizations.

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