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Apr 19, 2022

Denis George is the Manager of Kroger’s Energy & Legal team. He has over 30 years of experience working with the retail giant and has held positions involving energy management, procurement, and utility negotiations. He is also a public speaker, utilizing his experience to give talks about utility and energy.

Andrew Grier is the Supplier Diversity Lead at Duke Energy, one of the country’s largest energy holding companies. In his 20+ years with the company, Andrew held positions responsible for supply chain management, human resources, and information technology.

Denis and Andrew join us today to discuss how having a diverse supplier base in the energy sector encourages better ideas and growth strategies. They explain what their companies do concerning supplier diversity and the milestones they’ve hit. They share how they qualify a diverse supplier and the database they keep. They also describe their company commitment and what it takes for large organizations to have an effective supplier diversity program.

"Information is powerful, but it's powerful by disseminating it." - Denis George

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • Who Andrew and Denis are and the organizations they represent
  • What Kroger is doing for supplier diversity and their commitment
  • The coordination it takes for a large organization to reach billions of dollars in diversified businesses
  • Duke Energy's supplier diversity strategy model and its commitment and spend
  • How Kroger weighs a diverse supplier before they proceed to move with them
  • Kroger's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint
  • How Duke Energy meets its clients' energy requirements from a supplier diversity viewpoint
  • How diverse suppliers provide more upper-end energy options
  • Creating a national database populated with diverse clean energy vendors
  • How someone gets added to their database

Connect with Denis George:

Connect with Andrew Grier:

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