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Oct 26, 2021

While the workforce may have relished the abundance of conveniences that working from Zoom brings, it’s unquestionable that people have been missing the element of physically connecting with others. After almost two years of virtual conferences, in-person conferences are once again taking place. As we return to some semblance of normalcy, the opportunity once again exists to meet contacts and collaborators face-to-face.

In today’s episode, we discuss the conference experience in a post-COVID world. Cloe shares what it was like to meet established contacts at a conference for the first time while following COVID precautions. Adam reveals the difficulties he experienced communicating with event staff while wearing masks and talking through plexiglass screens. He also explains how the CLEAR app can be used to prove your identity and vaccination status. We also deliberate over the possible future of work as the 9-5 workweek becomes less common and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of in-person, virtual, and hybrid conferences.

“Human beings are created to be relational, and I just don’t see technology replacing that piece of our core makeup as humans.” - Adam Moore

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • Networking at conferences while following COVID safeguards and respecting face masks and personal choices
  • The difficulties of communicating through face masks
  • Using the CLEAR app, uploading your vaccination documentation, and confirming your identity
  • The legality of questioning conference attendees on their vaccination status
  • What engagement and building culture looks like for at-home workers
  • How work-life is changing as many professionals lose the rigid 9-5 structure
  • The advantages of in-person conferences over virtual conferences

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