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May 17, 2022

Hire Ground provides businesses with expertise and tools to grow and meet objectives through supplier inclusion. Starting a group centered on supplier diversity is often done out of compliance, but Hire Ground was founded on Chloe’s passion for serving the underserved. What were Hire Ground’s humble beginnings? What challenges did she encounter when Hire Ground was starting?

In this episode, Chloe describes the point in her career when she decided to promote supplier diversity. She shares how data enables companies to make smarter decisions regarding their supply chain. She explains her goals for the company and its recent accomplishments. Chloe also discusses the lessons she learned from building this company and where Hire Ground will be in the next five years.

"To be able to build something that helps people—that's meaningful and impactful—is extremely rewarding." - Cloe Guidry-Reed

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • How Hire Ground came to be
  • Where Chloe was before she started Hire Ground
  • Harnessing the power of data to make real-time decisions for your supply chain
  • How Chloe de-risked the idea of starting Hire Ground
  • How Hire Ground stemmed from Chloe's passion for helping the underserved
  • The goals set out by Hire Ground and what they've accomplished
  • Where Hire Ground excels
  • How Hire Ground stands out among similar businesses
  • Lessons Chloe learned since she started Hire Ground
  • What it means to protect your brain space
  • Where Hire Ground would be in the next five years

This podcast is brought to you by Hire Ground

Hire Ground is a technology company whose mission is to bridge the wealth gap through access to procurement opportunities. Hire Ground is making the enterprise ecosystem more viable, profitable, and competitive by clearing the path for minority-led, women-led, LGBT-led, and veteran-led small businesses to contribute to the global economy as suppliers to enterprise organizations.

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