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Dec 15, 2020

Sonja Williams is the Co-Founder and Director of Marketing for Go Getter Marketing Group, a company that has been helping small- and medium-sized businesses grow since 2008. Formerly the Chief Marketing Officer at Hire Ground, Sonja has over 15 years’ experience in marketing consulting. She has helped numerous brands enhance their digital marketing teams through training, strategy development, and the implementation of best practices. Sonja has worked for enterprises such as NCR Corporation, the Federal Highway Administration, and Eli Lilly. She has a BA in International Business and Marketing from Clark Atlanta University and a Marketing MBA from Mercer University. Sonja is currently based in Mexico with her husband and two children.

In today’s episode of Breaking Barriers, Sonja joins hosts Cloe Guidry-Reed and Adam Moore to share her experience of being a new-majority woman business owner, revealing the challenges she has faced on the road to becoming a successful diverse supplier. Sonja explains why relocating her base to Mexico has been an amazing experience but has meant some creative coordination regarding office hours and childcare. She reveals her method for securing a mentor in business and the kinds of questions she asks people she perceives to be further along in their career. She also discusses the new digital era of marketing which allows for greater accessibility to new markets, increased flexibility across budgets, and more precisely targeted ad campaign messaging.

“Anyone starting a business now, I think that's a huge opportunity to find mentorship to connect with like-minds” – Sonja Williams 

“Continuously training and developing yourself and then looking for ways and opportunities to mentor others, like all that stuff goes hand in hand” Sonja Williams 

“It’s always been my philosophy to have a team that is a hybrid” – Sonja Williams

“I've always wanted to hire people that want to be part of a team, but to some degree have the ability to be independent and have an entrepreneurial spirit that they can self-manage”
– Sonja Williams

“I love Hire Ground. Honestly, it's filling the void where people might go register as a supplier” – Sonja Williams


This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • How reading The 4-Hour Work Week made Sonja pivot her career aspirations
  • Why good mentoring is a two-way street
  • How Sonja selects her mentors, even if they don’t know it
  • How digital marketing has allowed Sonja’s family to live a Mexican adventure
  • Sonja’s tips on navigating a husband/wife business partnership
  • The groups you can join to extend your network and seek out a mentor

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