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Dec 15, 2020

Do you know why you did not get that call back? There are many topics and attitudes we believe are good to share during meetings, because we think it adds value. However, most corporations know what they specifically want, and if you send the wrong message, they will find someone else who is more aligned with their needs. It's time to prepare, make a plan, and specialize.

In today's episode, we share our top 5 things to avoid when connecting with corporates. We talk about how being unprepared for meetings is much more obvious than you think. We also talk about why it's better to make a plan when going to tradeshows instead of seeing how things go. We also emphasize the importance of being a keen listener and why promising everything doesn't always look good.

“One of the first things that I can tell how serious a supplier is, when they approach me, how much research have they done?” – Adam Moore 

“That first 20 seconds that you meet somebody inside that corporation, literally can make or break if you get that next call back with the corporate.” – Adam Moore 

“You think you have all day [at a tradeshow], and it feels like you have all day until you get there. And then once you get there you realize *gasp* 'oh, my time is gone."– Adam Moore

“We realize that you can be everything to everybody. There is absolutely no way that we can all be good at everything, and we're looking for specialists to come in.”– Adam Moore 

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • The importance of research before a corporate meeting
  • Developing a plan when attending tradeshows
  • Watching your time with client calls
  • Understanding what you do well
  • Why saying yes to everything can be a deterrent

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