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Feb 15, 2022

Supplier diversity programs are ramping up, and this will only continue to put pressure on your company’s supplier diversity leaders. Fortunately, there is a way to improve the results of your company’s supplier diversity program, and that is through its tail spend. What is tail spend? How can tail spend improve existing diversity and inclusion programs?

In this episode, we explain how organizations can use tail spend to boost supplier diversity efforts. We discuss tail spend and why it’s low-hanging fruit for growing supplier diversity. We describe how tail spend allows you to hit your supplier diversity goals faster and how it provides more opportunities for diverse vendors. We also share why we think supplier diversity programs will be under heavier pressure this year.

"There's a lot involved with tail spend, but there's also a lot of potential." - Adam Moore

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • What tail spend is and how it can meet your supplier diversity goals
  • Understanding tail spend through real-world examples
  • The best way to approach tail spend with big suppliers in mind
  • The competitive nature of corporations and supplier diversity
  • How tail spend can increase supplier diversity engagement and communication
  • Why the pressure for supplier diversity programs is heavier this year

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