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Sep 28, 2021

Sara Bodison is the Director of Supplier Corporate Responsibility and Risk at the RELX Group, a global provider of data and analytics for different professional and business customers across industries. Sara is responsible for developing and managing processes that ensure the suppliers adhere to ethical rules. In her 13 years with the RELX Group, she became a specialist in marketing services procurement, strategic planning and management, and supplier relationship management, among other skills.

Sara joins us to discuss how organizations can create internal champions for supplier diversity. She describes the differences between domestic and global supplier diversity programs. She explains what an ethical supply chain is and why small businesses must have ethical guidelines. She shares what she hopes to do with her position. Sara also discusses her thoughts on industry disruptors and how technology enables more opportunities for small businesses.

"There are huge opportunities in the marketing space because there are so many small marketing agencies." - Sara Bodison

This week on Breaking Barriers:

  • The services the RELX Group offers Corporate America
  • The differences between a domestic and global supplier diversity program
  • Why you shouldn't structure your programs with corporate responsibility
  • Why they added KPIs to their procurement teams
  • What Sara wishes to do more of with her position
  • Sara's responsibility in guaranteeing an ethical supply chain
  • What it means to have an ethical supply chain
  • Working with your internal champions and how to prepare supplier diversity programs for them

Connect With Sara Bodison:

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